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Personalised underwear is a personal gift idea in every sense. Giving your friend or a loved-one some underwear that has been personalised with their name or a motto, or perhaps even some words of encouragement, could make a fantastic gift at any time of the year and especially at Christmas, birthdays or for Valentine’s Day.

Personalised Boxer-Briefs, String Thong or Hip-hugging undies

Our friends at Spreadshirt specialise in custom and personalised clothing. For men, personalised boxer-briefs or a dressing gown can be ordered. For ladies, there are ‘boyshorts’, a thong or even a belly-band for pregnant women.

Here’s our mini guide on how to navigate the Spreadshirt website to design your own personalised underwear.

  • 1) Visit the Spreadshirt Designer now.
  • 2) Click ‘Choose Product’ , which is the top left menu item
  • 3) Choose either ‘Men’ or ‘Women’ from the Category Drop Down menu
  • 4) Then choose ‘Underwear’ from the Product Drop Down menu.
  • 5) Once you have clicked on the underwear product you wish to order, you can then use the other items in the top menu to either ‘Choose Design’ (ie add a logo or picture), ‘Add Text’ or ‘Upload Photo’.

Once you have customised your personalised underwear, just proceed to order and sit back and wait – these personalised underwear presents are sure to raise a smile!