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The famous blue plaques are a well recognised way of flagging up that someone of great importance has lived in a particular property.

The first blue plaque was put up in London in 1867, marking the life of Lord Byron. Since then, countless more have been put up around London and further field, denoting a property with particular significance to the life of a historically important figure.

Whether it be for achievements in subjects such as politics, the arts or the sciences, a blue plaque always makes for interesting reading to find out who of note lived at a previous address.

But now you don’t need to wait for posthumous recognition! These fun personalised blue plaques let you create a witty sign of your own about someone who is famous and important to you. Don’t wait for the history books to decide if your loved one deserves a blue plaque when you can order this spoof replica for about £29.99

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This particular blue plaque has the words “Heritage Plaque” across the top of the disc and then you can add 7 lines of text below. If ordering this from, you need to email your customised text to the seller through the Amazon messaging system to let them know the name or message you wish to add.